I am going to cover the capabilities of a VOIP phone system and why it has made life easier for my own company. We've been with the current phone company, a smaller but very forward looking company, for three years. 

For new customers the initial installation comes with new Polycom phones with backlit LCD screens and multitudes of features. We love them.

When you put your new system throughout your plant someone at the phone company will hold your hand during the installaion, which is sort of simple but you really need help with assigning phone numbers - yes, you can keep you old phone numbers - call groups, automated telephone operator, even voice recognition.

If you want to take it further you can arrange to have credit cards automatically making payments.

Each phone can have it's own reply phone number, answering message, making your cell phone ring at the same time (you are always in your office!), forward to a colleague while you are out, group calls, and many other things. I suggest making one person in your office the person with access to the dashboard to change things.

Installation is easy: just plug an Ethernet cable through the computer or direct to the router.

Advantages of VOIP:

  • Lower cost than regular old phone (POTS) systems
  • Much more flexible phones
  • Ring cell or other phones at same time
  • Extensive call groups
  • No extra phone wires - convenient Ethernet cables already plugged into your computer
  • Backlit LCD screen with brightness controls and darkens if phone not in use
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Tech support is excellent
  • Free phones with 24 month contract