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American Century Systems - ERP ecommerce distribution

Two ERP installations depend on the size of your company. 

Under $2 million gross you don't need the depth of tracking a larger company, where beaurocracy means more overview by management. Each business, when examined, will determine what is necessary. Part of the examination is the desire of the owner how far the data needs mining to make sure nothing is wrong.

The ERP installations also include an ecommerce website. The amount of data needing entry is enormous so please do not be surprised if you haven't sold on-line before. You'll also want to sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy which means even more attention to the internet selling. If you already sell on line the data can be imported to the ERP website or interconnected.

ERP's usually have an internal accounting producing all the reports your accountant will need or create. All transactions create the accounting entries.

A list of ERP features will appear as a form here which will allow for discussions and comments..