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American Century Systems - Executive Intern Program

Executive Intern Program

Would you like to earn $10 million a year? By completing the internship for large business executive training program you will know these management structures to operate a large company. Specialties are manufacturing, service, distribution, or technology companies.

You will learn:

  1. Management by walking around.
    1. Learn to make friends with everyone
    2. Failure management
    3. Production methods and service methods
  2. Budgeting including zero-based-budgeting
  3. Procurement and testing of ordered products
  4. Employee goals and how they can contribute to their and your success
  5. How successful meetings occur
  6. Build a career support group
  7. How to avoid merging a company to death
  8. Internal entrepreneuring
  9. How to keep current with technology
  10. How to delegate all your work and go home at a reasonable hour
  11. How to report your activities so people know you are doing a good job
  12. Understand physical plants and their maintenance
  13. Marketing to both men and women and how to bring new successful products to market
  14. Taxes and accounting for large corporations