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  • Internet connection
  • Website - business
  • Website - ecommerce
  • Email


  • Your brand
  • Advertising
  • Trade shows
  • Your customers


  • Engineering
  • Materials
  • Production line
  • Waste
  • Shipping


  • ERP Business
  • ERP Manufacturing
  • Office Software
  • Backup
  • Graphics


  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Packing
  • Layout
  • Software


ERP software for e-commerce and distribution

More business comprehensive than the below mentioned manufactuirng software, this affordable ERP software manages your entire business. POS, website selling, warehouse, Amazon and other third party sales, and more integrated accounting, etc. Handles both wholesale and retail sales. Very comphrehensive, many built in features other just ecommerce software requires purchasing.

ERP software for manufacturing

If you are a job-shop, provide complete products for inventory, or sub-assemblies for other manufacturers, we have found 2 very affordable programs that will cover your manufacturing issues. Neither has the completeness of front office structure,yet can utilize Quickbooks for office functions. You may not need the added cost and complexity of general ERP software. Be aware both systems do not have websites and they are not meant for retail business. If you want to manufacture and sell retail it can be integrated at additional cost and effort.

Proper G/L makes accounting much more efficient

If you are a normal small business your general ledger setup forever changes to record - and make available for analysis - the company transactions.

Phone system

VOIP stem to match your most complex needs at reasonable pricing. Free phones with 2 year contract.

Computer maintenance

Fortunately, internet connections allow specialized companies to see if your computers need help, update programs, and send you reports about your computer equipment. They have help desks and lots of advantages to keeping your office in tip-top shape.

ISO Certification

ISO 9001 certification extends certified quality to your brand.

Curious what IIOT is about?

IIOT, Industrial Internet of Things, is actually about monitoring your production machinery. Pay for maintennce only when the machne tells you it hurts.

Make your graphics modern

Looking modern makes people think your production methods are modern.

Make Expo expenses pay for themselves

Better booths, better followup. Avoid having to answer: "What do you do?"

Do you have the latest technology?

Robots, simulations, 3D printing, IIOT, lasers and all the things in our engineering magazines and blogs.

Warehouse automation

Never reenter names and addresses. Connect with shipping companies and services automatically.

Computer desktop automation

MS Outlook and Slack make email, letters, scheduling, and rolodex easy.